Our Sevices

By far, the services most commonly provided by escorts to their clients involve sexual stimulation of the client's sexual organs (namely the penis, in men) with the intention of eliciting an orgasm: vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse, oral sex, manual genital stimulation (handjobs), and the use of sex toys. Though it is true that many escorts are called for sexual stimulation, they also often escort clients to dinner parties, weddings and other social events.

While sexual contact usually plays a prominent role in a call girl's work, not all clients hire call girls for sex. Some simply do so either for social reasons (e.g., attending a party) or for companionship (e.g., someone who feels lonely may hire a girl to provide companionship missing in his or her life). Other call girls may specialize in domination or other fetishes that do not require intimate sexual activity.

Elderly and/or widowed men sometimes hire call girls for companionship, simply to enjoy the company of an attractive or intelligent woman. Escort agencies try to determine if this is what a client wants and if it is, the agency will try to send their most educated and polite women to the man or woman. It is not unusual for these "chat" call girls to receive big tips or even bequests from clients.[5][6] In the movie Klute, Bree Daniels performs this service for an elderly Jewish garment manufacturer.

Instead of sex, the client may simply desire to impress his or her peers by having an attractive woman as his or her date, or even pretend girlfriend or wife. The client may, for example, be attending a high school or college class reunion or an office social event. Clients seeking this service will tell the escort service what their intention is. They may specify what kind of woman they seek to play this role. The client may meet with the woman beforehand to evaluate her level of intelligence, education, manners, speech, and ability to execute the pretense, as well as to judge her appearance. They would go over his or her past, her fictional past and their feigned relationship, in order to successfully carry out the pretense.

Celebrities and very wealthy men sometimes hire call girls for sex to avoid the problem of unreasonable infatuation, where their partner is unreasonably attracted to them (and won't let go of the relationship or accept refusal) because of their status. It also avoids the problem of "kiss and tell" stories, where the girl would sell the story to the press. Both parties understand their respective positions and do not go beyond them. Some of these people are even open about what their date is to those they're partying with, though call girls request they not be.[citation needed] Usually, the man or woman will first hire the woman for a short date to determine if he or she wants to do longer ones with her. Here again, the woman's appearance, intelligence, manners, sociability and education also come into consideration. For some wealthy clients, these dates evolve into long-standing arrangements that more closely resemble that of a kept woman or a mistress.

Some take up this profession because it is a way of making money while enjoying the pleasure of sex with different partners.[citation needed] Recently men have also jumped into these businesses, and provide sexual services to women. Some wealthy women who live far away from their husbands, or who like to have sex but lack partners, hire men for sex.